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I had the great honour to be on Jennifer Jewell’s wonderful Cultivating Place pod cast recently. To talk about art and what inspires the creative process is such an enriching experience.  How often does one get to mine one’s past history, to consider the path, often circuitous, that leads to the present?

For those of you who follow Jennifer’s fabulous program, you will know what a masterful interviewer she is, and how she synthesizes ideas so skillfully into this wonderful exchange of words and experiences. If gardens are our repository of culture, of care for the earth and for one another, then Jennifer is that gardener, cultivating and nourishing this living substance of which we are all a part.  As Robert Harrison says, the true gardener is always the “constant gardener.”

Thank you Jennifer for spending this time with me!


photo ad for cultivating place

This episode will air again this Sunday morning, and it will become part of the  Cultivating Place archive, so you can listen in at any time:



2 thoughts on “cultivating place

  1. Jasna, i loved your listening to your time with Jennifer! by chance do you sell any of your prints? please let me know i love your art!

    • Hi Robert
      My apologies for taking such a long time getting back to you. Covid, Covid, Covid! Just recovered.
      Thank you for listening to Jennifer’s podcast. It was a real pleasure to be on her show. I am glad you like my images. Please let me know what is of interest to you. Yes, I do sell them.
      Here’s my email address:, should you want to discuss this further. I notice that your email address has bees in it!!!!

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