not by chance alone, a video

As the exhibition at the Richmond Art Gallery draws to a close (January 3, 2016 last day), I have the great pleasure of creating an additional page for this blog site with a newly produced video documentation of the “bee” part of my exhibition.

And as I think back to the summer of 2012, when I first started working on the bees, I do not think of where I have been, but of how far I have come through this process, and what I have gained. If I had to sum up, in a few words what the bees have meant, perhaps these words might serve well:

“And I said with rapture, here is something I can study all my life and never understand.”

(Samuel Beckett)


2 thoughts on “not by chance alone, a video

  1. Love the video and the lessons behind the message in this art piece, Jasna – in line with Beckett’s thoughts one can be thrilled in finding a subject that envelops one in constant wonder and lasting delightful curiosity – in this case it is the mystery of the life of bees as I see it, a life that surprises at almost every corner

  2. Your kind comments are much appreciated. Passionate engagement is something that you know very well, Ina, and although we operate in different realms, how wonderful to be able to share our experiences and ideas.
    Many thanks to you!.

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