I’m back to the bees, making a little progress daily, but running out of room quite literally. Here’s a new section that I’ve almost completed; it’s close to 24′ long, and of course, I can only put it together virtually since my studio wall is 12′. I’ve added a figure (about my height) to give an impression of the scale.

2 thoughts on “progress

  1. The size they say, matters, but not in this case – it the continuation of beauty that spreads… nice and yes, virtual reality is also a reality so no sweat regarding the size

    • Thank you for your comment, Ina! I agree with your support of virtual reality–certainly it’s an invaluable tool for me in the realization of this project, but at the same time(and perhaps more importantly), we can connect across continents, share ideas in an instant. Now that’s amazing.

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