5 thoughts on “kiko-002-copy

  1. Jasna: What a beautiful gesture. Please bring the journal when you come for dinner- I would like very much to see it.

  2. Hi Jasna,

    Congratulations on your work and especially on your bee related project! The Manitoba honeybees are having
    a difficult time right now. Rains and floods and we do not know for certain what else is causing some colonies to decline instead of increasing. A friend informed me today that a person from Israel has invented a small hand held’gizmo’ that can detect chemicals – and we will soon be able to detect what is actually in our food supply, in what is harming the honeybees, in what materials make up any material anywhere. It will change the way we research what is all around us, including what is harming our pollinators. Onward, I wish you continued success – Hi to LW, I so appreciate her work as well as yours. Best to you, Aganetha (Dyck) http://www.aganethadyck.ca

    • Hello Aganetha,
      Thank you for your comments! I am honoured that you have visited my site. Your work is astounding and inspiring and I have been an admirer of your art practice for years now – from the first little shrunken sweaters I saw at the Vancouver Art Gallery, to the incredible “collaborations” you have undertaken with bees. Recently, in an art magazine, I saw photos of some new works of yours – knitted organic shapes, like ginseng or mandrake roots? Very enigmatic and beautiful. I am intrigued by the “gizmo” you mention, can you believe having a small computer/sensor readily available to disclose chemicals? What a useful, practical instrument that will be. I think all of our bees and pollinators are carrying a load far too great for them: decades of chemicals, malnourishment, habitat loss, viruses, mites, etc. The list is disheartening. And yet, bees are so wonderful to work with, to observe, to nurture. Beauties.
      I will pass on your greetings to LW. She is an amazing artist and educator, too. For me, you are mentors in all things bee. Most gratefully, jasna

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