if not, winter

There are no ageing bodies in Greek classical art. Eternal youth, proportioned to perfection, graces the corridors of that ancient history, and interestingly enough, does it not continue to haunt the contemporary mind? It was with relief, that I found a poetic fragment by Sappho that actually speaks of the ageing body. (text fragments of Sappho; Carson, A. 2002).

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1 thought on “if not, winter

  1. Beautiful + moving work, Jasna!

    Given my current struggles with my knees I can’t help noticing them in your drawings.

    Later in the same poem you reference (but in a different translation) Sappho says,
    “my heart has been weighed down, my knees give no support
    which once were nimble in the dance like little fawns.”

    O, little fawns!

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