never seen never said

There are several themes in Nancy’s essay, “The Visitation,” that capture my attention. The presence of the body, birth and pre-birth (metaphoric and physical), the gesture of sharing,  the concept of visitatio and  interpretation as awarenessand the relationship of art to memory and the immemorial. My two recent postings are my initial forays into these ideas and I will continue to look at them in the following weeks. For me, these postings with their text, sketches and the scanned-scribed petals are a kind of visual note-taking, a learning process and a space that then allows me to take the images further into different forms and media.

Just a note though –  the essay has far more to offer than the themes I have chosen;  as it is yet another scaffold for Nancy’s close exploration of Christian painting. But, what always strikes me with Nancy’s writing (despite his complexity), is his beautiful poetic style and how, his opening paragraphs are always exquisite and complex ruminations on a dominant theme.

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