“…flesh tints [carnations]… and fabrics [étouffes]…that is this whole painting in two words…” (Jean-Luc Nancy)

This is the fourth of the text-themes I’ve chosen from Nancy’s essay.  I introduced the figure form early on in these postings, since Nancy invites us, the viewer, to physically engage and explore this relationship of viewer to viewed.  A fifth element – that of color – spans the four series of drawings from water to light to cloth to flesh, but I mention its presence only now.  Of interest –  towards the final pages of the essay, Nancy talks about the  reversible salutation: “Ave, Eva” (the reference to Eve, to life, to…) but adds that “Ave”, is still further reversible because in everyday usage, it meant “Hello”,  and when engraved upon a tombstone, it meant “Farewell.”

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